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Employee retention survey template

Here is a template for an employee retention survey:

1. Introduction

· Briefly explain the purpose and objectives of the survey · Provide instructions on how to complete the survey · Assure confidentiality and anonymity of responses

2. Demographic Information

· Collect basic demographic information such as age, gender, job level, tenure, department, etc.

3. Job Satisfaction Questions

· How satisfied are you with your job? · How challenging and meaningful is your work? · How satisfied are you with your compensation and benefits? · How satisfied are you with your work-life balance? · How satisfied are you with the training and development opportunities?

4. Organizational Culture Questions

· How well do you understand the company's mission and values? · Do you feel like your opinions are valued and heard? · How satisfied are you with the level of transparency and communication in the company? · How satisfied are you with the work environment and culture?

5. Employee Engagement Questions

· How engaged do you feel in your work? · Do you feel like you have opportunities to grow and advance in your career? · How satisfied are you with the level of recognition and feedback you receive from your managers? · How likely are you to recommend the company to your friends and family as a place to work?

6. Exit Interview Questions

· If you were to leave the company, what would be the primary reason? · What suggestions do you have for improving the company culture and retaining employees?

7. Conclusion

· Thank employees for their participation in the survey · Assure that their feedback will be used to improve the company culture and retain employees · Provide a timeline for when the results of the survey will be shared with employees.

Note: This is a basic template and can be adjusted based on the specific needs and objectives of the survey.

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