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Employee termination checklist template

Here is a template for an employee termination checklist:

Employee Termination Checklist

Employee Information:

  • Employee Name:

  • Employee Position:

  • Department:

  • Date of Termination:

Benefits and Compensation:

  • Review the employee's benefits and compensation, such as their final paycheck, unused vacation or sick days, and any other applicable benefits.

  • Ensure that all applicable payments are made and that the employee understands the terms of their termination.

Company Property:

  • Collect all company property from the employee, such as keys, badges, equipment, or other assets.

  • Provide a clear list of all items that need to be returned, and document the return of each item.

Access and Security:

  • Terminate the employee's access to company systems, facilities, and resources.

  • Ensure that passwords and access codes are changed and that the employee no longer has access to any sensitive information or systems.


  • Communicate the termination to the employee in a respectful and professional manner, and provide a clear explanation of the reasons for the termination.

  • Inform other employees of the termination, as appropriate and in compliance with company policies and privacy regulations.


  • Document the reasons for the termination and any relevant information, such as performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, or complaints.

  • Ensure that all documentation is accurate, complete, and complies with company policies and legal requirements.

Legal and Compliance:

  • Ensure that the termination complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and company policies.

  • Consult with legal or HR experts, as needed, to ensure that the termination is handled appropriately and in compliance with all applicable regulations.


  • Conduct a follow-up meeting with the employee, as appropriate, to answer any questions and provide additional support.

  • Provide the employee with information about any available resources or support, such as job placement services, unemployment benefits, or counseling.


  • Ensure that the termination is handled in a professional and respectful manner, and that the employee's rights and dignity are respected throughout the process.

  • Document all aspects of the termination and ensure that all applicable regulations and policies are followed.

Sincerely, [Supervisor's Name]

[Supervisor's Title]


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