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Driving US-based company's campus recruitment program from India

As a global recruiter based in India, I am tasked with managing a campus recruitment program for a US-based company. Given the current global situation, the program will need to be conducted virtually. Here's how I managed the program

Develop a comprehensive recruitment strategy: I worked with the company's HR team to develop a recruitment strategy that outlines the roles we need to fill, the target campuses, and the timelines for the program. I researched and identify the best virtual recruitment tools to use.


Engage with the target campuses: I reached out to the career services departments of the target campuses to schedule virtual recruitment events. These events included presentations, Q&A sessions, and virtual interviews with interested candidates. I ensured that all communication is clear, concise, and timely.


Leverage social media and other online platforms: To maximize our reach, I created social media and online campaigns to promote the program and attract the best talent. This involved creating engaging content, targeting the right audience, and measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns.


Conduct virtual interviews: I used video conferencing tools to conduct virtual interviews with candidates. This involved ensuring that candidates have the necessary technology and resources to participate in the interviews. I will also work with the HR team to ensure that we are following a standardized interview process.


Manage the candidate pipeline: I worked with the HR team to manage the candidate pipeline, including tracking candidate progress, conducting reference checks, and extending job offers. I ensured that all communication is clear and timely and that candidates receive a positive experience throughout the recruitment process.


Result  In conclusion, as a recruiter based in India, I successfully managed a successful virtual campus recruitment program for a US-based company. By developing a comprehensive recruitment strategy, engaging with target campuses, leveraging social media and other online platforms, conducting virtual interviews, and managing the candidate pipeline, I was able to attract the best talent and fill the required roles.

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