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Prashiv Sharma

HR Management Head

Prashiv is an experienced and highly skilled Human Resources Management professional with over 8 years of industry experience. He has a strong background in HR management, employee relations, compensation and benefits, and talent development. His expertise in these areas makes him a valuable.

He is known for his ability to think strategically and to develop creative solutions to complex problems. Prashiv is also adept at conducting thorough needs assessments, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing effective HR programs to address those needs.

Prashiv is also known for his ability to build and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders at all levels, from entry-level employees to senior executives.

One of Prashiv's key strengths is his expertise in employee relations. He is able to effectively manage conflicts, resolve disputes, and create a positive work environment that supports employee engagement and productivity. Prashiv is also skilled in managing performance and implementing performance management systems that support employee development and growth.

He is also skilled in talent development and has a deep understanding of the skills and competencies required for success in various roles.


Prashiv Sharma
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