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Sidharth Arora

Sourcing Delivery Head

Sidharth Arora is a highly skilled sourcing professional with over 12 years of experience in the recruitment industry. During his career, he has overseen the sourcing aspect of recruitment projects across 14 different industries, including SaaS , Defense etc. This has allowed him to develop an in-depth understanding of the nuances of each industry, as well as the unique requirements and challenges of sourcing top talent in each one.


As the head of the sourcing department for Rajat's team, Sidharth is responsible for developing and executing sourcing strategies that drive successful recruitment outcomes. His day-to-day duties involve understanding staffing needs, identifying top talent through a variety of sourcing channels.


Sidharth's expertise in sourcing extends beyond just identifying top talent. He is also skilled at understanding of market trends and how they impact talent acquisition strategies. Additionally, he is highly organized and detail-oriented, which allows him to manage multiple recruitment projects simultaneously and ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed and up-to-date on progress.


Overall, Sidharth Arora is a highly skilled and experienced sourcing professional . His expertise in sourcing, combined with his strong interpersonal skills and ability to build and maintain relationships with hiring managers and candidates alike, makes him an ideal candidate for any leadership position






Sidharth Arora
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