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Employee time tracking template

1. Employee Information:

  • Employee Name

  • Department/Team

  • Position/Role

2. Time Tracking Information:

  • Date

  • Start Time

  • End Time

  • Total Hours

  • Break Time

  • Overtime Hours

  • Project/Task/Activity

  • Description of the Work Done

3. Approval Information:

  • Approval Date

  • Approved By

4. Time Off Information:

  • Vacation Time Used

  • Sick Time Used

  • Other Time Off Used

5. Totals:

  • Total Regular Hours

  • Total Overtime Hours

  • Total Time Off Hours

  • Total Hours for Pay Period

Please note that this is a basic template, and your organization may have additional items to add to the employee time tracking template. It is important to review and tailor your employee time tracking template to meet the needs of your employees and your organization.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that employee time tracking is done in a way that respects employee privacy and does not create an overly intrusive or hostile work environment.

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