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Employee workload tracking template

1. Employee Information:

  • Employee Name

  • Department/Team

  • Position/Role

2. Project Information:

  • Project/Task/Activity Name

  • Description of the Project/Task/Activity

  • Start Date

  • End Date

  • Estimated Hours

  • Actual Hours

3. Workload Information:

  • Number of Projects/Tasks/Activities Assigned

  • Current Status of Projects/Tasks/Activities

  • Priority Level of Projects/Tasks/Activities

  • Planned Hours for Projects/Tasks/Activities

  • Actual Hours Spent on Projects/Tasks/Activities

  • Percentage Completed

4. Additional Information:

  • Notes on any challenges or issues related to the projects/tasks/activities

  • Comments or feedback from the employee on workload or projects

5. Summary Information:

  • Total Number of Projects/Tasks/Activities Assigned

  • Total Planned Hours for Projects/Tasks/Activities

  • Total Actual Hours Spent on Projects/Tasks/Activities

  • Percentage of Workload Completed

  • Any Additional Workload Metrics

Please note that this is a basic template, and your organization may have additional items to add to the employee workload tracking template. It is important to review and tailor your employee workload tracking template to meet the needs of your employees and your organization. Additionally, it is important to ensure that workload tracking is done in a way that respects employee privacy and does not create an overly intrusive or hostile work environment.

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