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Employee recognition and rewards program template

Here is a template for an employee recognition and rewards program:


Dear Employees,

We recognize the hard work and dedication that each of you brings to our organization. In order to show our appreciation and recognize outstanding performance, we are implementing an employee recognition and rewards program. The program will aim to reward exceptional performance and encourage employees to strive for excellence in their work.

Recognition Criteria

The following criteria will be used to determine outstanding performance:

Meeting or exceeding established goals and objectives

Demonstrating exceptional leadership or teamwork skills

Implementing innovative solutions that improve efficiency or productivity

Consistently providing exceptional customer service

Types of Recognition

The following types of recognition will be used in the program:

Verbal recognition: This will include thanking employees for their hard work and expressing appreciation for their contributions.

Written recognition: This will include emails or letters acknowledging employees' achievements and contributions.

Public recognition: This will include recognizing employees' achievements at company meetings or events.

Monetary rewards: This will include bonuses, gift cards, or other monetary rewards for outstanding performance.

Nomination Process

Employees can be nominated for recognition by their manager or a colleague. Nominations should include specific examples of exceptional performance and should be submitted to the human resources department. The human resources department will review nominations and make final decisions on awards and recognition.

Rewards and Recognition

Rewards and recognition will be provided on a regular basis throughout the year, and will include both individual and team-based recognition. The rewards will be commensurate with the level of achievement, and will be approved by the human resources department.


Employees will be informed of the recognition and rewards program via email, company meetings, and other communication channels. The program will be communicated to all new hires during the onboarding process.


We are excited to launch this employee recognition and rewards program, and we look forward to recognizing the hard work and dedication of our employees. We appreciate all that you do to help us achieve our goals, and we believe that this program will help us to create a positive and rewarding work environment.


[Company Name]

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