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Employee goal setting template

Here is a template for an employee goal setting:


Employee goal setting is a critical component of performance management. Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals can help employees understand their job responsibilities and work towards achieving them. This template is designed to help employees and managers establish goals that align with the organization's goals and help employees improve their performance.

Goal Setting Process

a. Define the Goal

What is the specific goal you want to achieve?

Why is this goal important?

What are the specific steps you need to take to achieve this goal?

What are the potential obstacles that may arise and how can you overcome them?

b. Establish a Timeline

What is the deadline for achieving this goal?

What are the key milestones along the way?

When will you check-in to review progress towards the goal?

c. Identify the Metrics

How will you measure progress towards the goal?

What specific metrics will you use?

How frequently will you measure progress towards the goal?

d. Establish a Plan of Action

What are the specific tasks that you need to complete to achieve the goal?

Who will be responsible for completing each task?

What resources are needed to complete each task?

What is the timeline for completing each task?

Sample Employee Goal Setting Template

Goal: Increase sales revenue by 10% in the next quarter.

Timeline: The goal will be achieved by the end of the next quarter.

Metrics: We will measure progress towards the goal by monitoring weekly sales revenue, tracking customer feedback, and analyzing market trends.

Plan of Action:

Conduct market research to identify potential new sales opportunities.

Develop a sales strategy that targets new customers.

Train sales staff on new sales strategies and tactics.

Implement new marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness.

Regularly monitor sales performance and adjust strategy as necessary.


Employee goal setting is an ongoing process that requires regular review and adjustment. Employees and managers should review progress towards goals on a regular basis and make adjustments as necessary. By setting SMART goals and developing a plan of action, employees can work towards achieving their goals and improving their performance.

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