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Employee performance improvement plan template

Here is a template for an employee performance improvement plan: Employee Performance Improvement Plan


  • Provide a brief explanation of the purpose and goals of the performance improvement plan (PIP).

  • Emphasize the importance of addressing performance issues and improving performance for the success of the company and the professional development of the employee.

1. Performance Issues

  • Identify specific areas of performance that require improvement, including specific examples of behaviors or actions that need to be improved.

  • Be clear and specific about what the employee needs to improve and how their performance is falling short of expectations.

2. Objectives and Goals

  • Identify clear and specific performance objectives and goals that the employee needs to achieve to improve their performance.

  • These objectives and goals should be measurable, achievable, and time-bound.

  • Outline a clear plan for achieving these objectives and goals, including any necessary resources or support.

3. Timeline and Monitoring

  • Set a timeline for achieving the performance objectives and goals.

  • Outline specific monitoring and reporting requirements, including how progress will be measured and how often progress reports will be provided.

  • Schedule regular meetings between the employee and their supervisor to review progress and discuss any challenges or issues that arise.

4. Consequences

  • Be clear about the consequences of not meeting the performance objectives and goals, including potential disciplinary action.

  • Emphasize that the purpose of the PIP is to help the employee improve their performance and avoid negative consequences.

5. Signatures

  • Provide space for the employee and their supervisor to sign and date the PIP, indicating their agreement to the plan and its objectives, goals, and consequences.


  • Emphasize that the PIP is a collaborative process aimed at helping the employee improve their performance and achieve their full potential.

  • Provide an opportunity for the employee to ask questions or provide feedback on the PIP.

  • Thank the employee for their commitment to improving their performance and for their contributions to the company.

Thank you for your commitment to improving your performance. We are confident that this Performance Improvement Plan will help you reach your full potential and make valuable contributions to our organization.

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