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Employee performance tracking template

Employee Performance Tracking Template

Employee Information:

  • Employee Name:

  • Employee Position:

  • Department:

  • Date of Hire:

Performance Goals:

  • List the employee's performance goals for the current review period.

  • Provide a clear description of each goal, including any metrics or milestones.

Performance Metrics:

  • Identify the metrics or criteria used to track the employee's performance, such as sales targets, customer satisfaction scores, or productivity measures.

  • Provide a clear description of each metric and how it is measured.

Performance Reviews:

  • Schedule regular performance reviews with the employee, such as quarterly or semi-annual reviews.

  • Use a consistent format for the reviews and provide clear feedback on the employee's performance.

  • Document the results of each review and track progress towards the performance goals.

Training and Development:

  • Identify any training or development opportunities that could help the employee improve their performance or achieve their goals.

  • Provide the employee with access to training or development resources, such as courses, workshops, or mentoring programs.

Performance Improvement Plan:

  • If the employee's performance is not meeting expectations, develop a performance improvement plan (PIP).

  • The PIP should include specific performance goals, timelines, and resources or support to help the employee improve their performance.

  • Document the results of the PIP and track progress towards the goals.


  • Use the performance tracking template to monitor the employee's progress towards their goals and provide feedback on their performance.

  • Use the data to identify areas for improvement and to provide support and resources to help the employee reach their full potential.

Sincerely, [Supervisor's Name]

[Supervisor's Title]


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