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Employee promotion announcement template

Here is a template for an employee promotion announcement:

[Company Logo or Header] [Date] Dear [Company Name] Team, I am pleased to announce the promotion of [Employee Name] to the position of [New Position]. In this new role, [Employee Name] will be responsible for [Key Responsibilities and Goals]. [Employee Name] has been with the company for [Number of Years] and has made significant contributions to the success of our team. Throughout [his/her] time here, [he/she] has demonstrated a strong work ethic, [List of Positive Qualities], and a commitment to [Company Name]'s core values.

[Employee Name] has shown great dedication to [his/her] role, and we are confident that [he/she] will excel in this new position. We believe that [he/she] will continue to make positive contributions to the company and our team's growth.

Please join us in congratulating [Employee Name] on [his/her] well-deserved promotion. We wish [him/her] all the best in [his/her] new role and look forward to seeing [him/her] succeed. Best regards,

[Your Name] [Your Title] [Company Name]

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