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Employee referral program template

An employee referral program is a great way to incentivize current employees to refer qualified candidates to open job positions. Here's a template for an employee referral program:

Program Name: [Insert Program Name]

Program Goals:

Encourage current employees to refer qualified candidates to open job positions

Improve the quality of new hires by utilizing referrals

Strengthen employee engagement and retention

Program Guidelines:

Referrals must be submitted through the company's referral portal

Referrals must meet the minimum qualifications for the open position

Referrals must not have already applied to the company within the past six months

Employees will be eligible for the referral bonus after the referred candidate is hired and completes a certain period of employment (e.g. 90 days)

Referral bonuses will be paid out as a lump sum after the eligibility period

Program Incentives:

Referral bonus amount (e.g. $1,000 for technical positions, $500 for non-technical positions)

Additional incentives for high-performing or frequent referrers (e.g. gift cards, extra vacation days)

Program Promotion:

Email notifications to all employees announcing the program and how to participate

Social media posts and other company-wide communications to promote the program

Regular updates on program performance and success stories

Program Evaluation:

Track the number of referrals received and the number of referrals that resulted in hires

Collect feedback from employees on the program and make necessary adjustments

By implementing an employee referral program, companies can increase the number of qualified candidates for open positions and improve the overall quality of new hires. It's important to communicate the program guidelines, incentives, and promotion clearly to all employees and make the program easy to participate in. Regular evaluation and adjustments to the program can ensure its success and effectiveness.

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