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Employee retention plan template


Employee retention is a critical component of the long-term success of any organization. High employee turnover can be costly, both in terms of lost productivity and the costs associated with recruiting and training new employees. An effective employee retention plan can help organizations retain their top talent and create a culture of loyalty and commitment.

Assess Current Retention Strategies

What retention strategies are currently in place?

How effective have these strategies been in retaining employees?

What feedback have employees provided about their satisfaction with the current retention strategies?

Identify Key Retention Factors

What factors are most important in retaining employees?

What motivates employees to stay with the organization?

What are the common reasons for employee turnover?

Develop a Retention Plan

a. Establish Goals

What is the overall goal of the retention plan?

How will the success of the plan be measured?

b. Develop Strategies

What strategies will be used to retain employees?

How will these strategies address the key retention factors identified?

What resources will be needed to implement these strategies?

How will the effectiveness of these strategies be measured?

c. Communicate the Plan

How will the retention plan be communicated to employees?

What information will be shared with employees about the plan?

How will employees be involved in the implementation of the plan?

d. Monitor and Evaluate

How will the effectiveness of the retention plan be monitored?

What metrics will be used to evaluate the success of the plan?

How will feedback from employees be gathered and incorporated into the plan?

Sample Employee Retention Plan Template


Reduce employee turnover by 20% over the next 12 months

Increase employee satisfaction with their job and the organization


Enhance compensation and benefits packages

Create a positive work culture through team-building and recognition programs

Provide opportunities for career development and growth

Improve communication between management and employees

Conduct regular employee surveys to assess satisfaction and engagement levels

Communication Plan:

Hold a company-wide meeting to introduce the retention plan and explain the goals and strategies

Share regular updates on the progress of the plan through company-wide emails and newsletters

Hold department-level meetings to discuss the plan and how it applies to specific teams and individuals

Encourage employees to provide feedback and suggestions for improving the plan

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Use employee turnover rate and employee satisfaction survey data to track the effectiveness of the plan

Conduct regular reviews of the plan to identify areas for improvement

Incorporate employee feedback into the plan as necessary


An effective employee retention plan is critical for the long-term success of any organization. By assessing current retention strategies, identifying key retention factors, and developing a comprehensive retention plan, organizations can create a culture of loyalty and commitment that supports the achievement of business goals. By communicating the plan, monitoring and evaluating its effectiveness, and incorporating feedback from employees, organizations can ensure that their retention plan continues to meet the changing needs of their workforce.

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