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Employee survey analysis template

Here is a template for an employee survey analysis:

1. Executive Summary

· Brief overview of survey objectives, methodology and key findings

2. Demographic Analysis

· Summary of key demographic information (e.g., age, gender, job level, tenure, etc.) · Comparison of demographic characteristics across different survey questions

3. Survey Questions Analysis

· Summary of responses to each survey question · Comparison of responses across different demographic groups · Identification of top strengths and areas for improvement

4. Key Themes Analysis

· Identification of key themes emerging from survey responses (e.g., communication, leadership, training and development, etc.) · Summary of findings for each theme · Identification of actions to address each theme

5. Conclusion

· Summary of key findings and actions · Recommendations for future survey improvements and actions

6. Appendix

· Detailed tables and charts of survey results · Raw survey data and analysis

Note: This is a basic template and can be adjusted based on the specific needs and objectives of the survey.

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